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Job requirement

1. The sales engineer

Job description:


1, college degree or above in mechanical design or industrial design.

2, 2 years related industry working experience, familiar with 3 d CAD software (with 3 d CAD software sales experience or industry experience is preferred);

3, have good communication skills and team work spirit, can adapt to frequent business travel and work under pressure.


Job description:

1, develop effective customer, to collect information about target market business independently, screened and judgment;

2, project plan to follow up and put them into practice;

3, can the independent processing customer demands, and processing;

4, can effectively maintain customer relationship;

5, complete personal sales targets.

2. Network marketing specialist

Job description: the site SEO optimization, search engine advertising optimization, B2B website maintenance, to participate in the company informatization construction.

Requirements and jobs is introduced:

1, college degree or above, computer and related field, 1 years experience in network marketing.

2, have good analysis ability

3, understand SEO, at the same time will use a search engine.

4, have a certain document writing ability, have a BBS moderators or vice experience is preferred.

3. The reverse design engineer

The job description

Main responsibilities:

1, bachelor degree, major in mechanical engineering English four levels of levels;

2, use 3 d scanner (white light or laser) obtain real point cloud data;

3, use reverse software processing point cloud data;

4, basic modeling, using existing data modeling, etc.;

5, responsible for dealing with 3 d scanning data modeling or processing requirements;

6, participate in product structural design work;

7, responsible for the detection and evaluation of data;

8, at least 2 years of software engineer background, good presentation skills, good at communicate with people, strong technical understanding of;Love technology work.Such as MAGIC RP, GEOMAGIC, RAPIDFORM, IMAGIWARE software use or sales experience is preferred;

9, cooperate with company to complete other tasks;

10, can adapt to travel.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, 25 to 35 years old, English four levels of levels;

2, at least 2 years of software engineer background, good presentation skills, good at communicate with people, strong technical understanding of, love of technical work;

3, 3 d scanner using experience is preferred;

4, experience in using GEOMAGIC, RAPIDFORM, IMAGIWARE software is preferred;

5, with CATIA, UG, PRO/E 3 d software using experience is preferred;

6, work carefully earnestly, has the strong sense of responsibility and innovation consciousness, have the courage to accept the challenge and can withstand the pressure, with team work spirit and good professional ethics;


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