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3D Reverse Engineering

       We are blend with latest technology and expertise with these systems applications in various engineering industries. Our CAD/CAM Services short end your time in design and development, quality inspection, alignment check application and many more...

l  Some of the specific application conducted by our experts like :

l  3D Coordinate Measurement

l  Dimension Measurement & inspection

l  QC inspection

l  Deep & Inside Measurements

l  Alignment Checks & Inspection

l  Profile /Surface Scanning

l  CAD Modeling

l  3D Digitization for Reverse Engineering of Special Components

l  Coating Thickness Verifications (throughout the surface)

l  Real Time (on-line) Alignment Solution

l  Vibration and Motion Analysis

l  Rental Services with or without experts

3D Scanning & Measurement Services 

       FLD is known for its excellent ultra-precise 3D scanning services & measurement services.

       Our highly qualified & experienced engineering team members are expert and unmatched in its ability to create advance innovative measurement & scanning solutions to save your reengineering, development and QC inspection's time & cost hence adds profitability to your organization. 

       Our team has experience of more than 15 years with expertise in 3D Inspection, digitization and reverse engineering software like Imageware, Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify Unigraphics NX, CATIA, etc for CAD model generation and providing complete reverse engineering solutions to our clients. 

       We are providing inspection & scanning services by 3D White Light Scanner with Highest accuracy; include QC measurements & Inspections (Engineering), Scanning, Reverse engineering, prototype development- inspection & modeling, etc

       We go in depth of applications and choose the best suitable methodology & systems to provide most innovative, practical and cost effective solutions.

Quality Inspection


       Our scanner scans millions of 3D points on an object and based on this information professional inspections such as distortion analysis and spring back inspection can be carried out automatically in 3D inspection software. Costs can be noticeably cut down by simplifying and shortening the entire designing process and skipping trial and error stages. Free form surfaces of an object can be inspected as well which contributes to improve the quality of objects.

Reverse Engineering

       Tooling can be manufactured by using our 3d scanner to copy and replicate an existing part or tool. The 3D model (data) result from above processes can be used for restoring worn molds, analyzing distortions,benchmarking, and RP modeling too.

3D Printing Service

Our 3D Printing Service turn your design into reality. 

We are committed to bring you the best quality for your 3D printed objects and 

work with the fastest and most cost effective 3D printing technologies.


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