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Delcam PowerINSPECT


World leading hardware-independent

inspection software

       Fast and accurate inspection requires powerful functionality combined with ease-of-use. PowerINSPECT provides sophisticated but easy-to-use inspection and reporting capability for a wide range of measuring equipment, making it an ideal partner in a wide range of inspection and measurement environments.



       PowerINSPECT provides alignment methods for prismatic parts as well as free-form surfaces. Create alignments using geometric features, CAD surface

or edge points, or a combination - whatever the job requires. If subsequent measurement results uncover problem areas, you can improve the alignment

using a variety of best fit strategies. Multiple alignments can create independent verification of distinct areas or components within an assembly.


Full CAD Capability
       PowerINSPECT’s market-leading CAD capability allows you to use all mainstreamCAD formats, providing maximum flexibility to work with data from customers or suppliers. A powerful CAD file manager allows you to manage complex layered parts, create assemblies from multiple CAD models and easily extract nominal data from geometric features


Clear Graphical Displays

      Colour-coordinated graphical displays of measured deviations and errors inthe part allow you to see at a glance whether measured points and features are in, above, or below tolerance. This makes measurement results easy to understand and allows you to output graphical reports with a single click.



Surface Inspection



       Colour-coded surface inspection provides you with real-time feedback

about conformance to the CAD model. This feedback on each measured point

consequently improves decision making and minimises wasted measurement.



       PowerINSPECT has a wide range of geometric measurement functionality

including GD&T features such as true position, parallelism and concentricity. If

you are using a CAD model, PowerINSPECT allows you to select geometric

features including GD&T callouts interactively from the CAD view. PowerINSPECT

can also detect nominal values and feature types when you measure against




       Machine simulation and collision detection in PowerINSPECT simplify and

speed up the programming of inspection sequences. Offline programming is

made much easier by the collision detection which highlights problems in probe

paths, allowing the user to fix problems before transferring the sequence to the



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