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ExactFlat --Software For Sewn Product Design




       ExactFlat Standard is software that makes it faster and less complicated to design, develop, prototype, cost and manufacture any product that incorporates composites, industrial fabrics or technical textiles. Integrated with leading 3D CAD packages, it does this by:

       ●Replacing manual processes with digital processes using Exactflat’s proprietary algorithms.

       ●Consolidating separate and distinct workflows into one environment on one platform.

       ●Parametrically linking related tasks so that design changes in one area are automatically reflected in related areas.



































        ExactFlat in SolidWorks allows a designer to create flat patterns from any 3D shape. The Create Piece tool allows the user to define the surfaces, solid faces, edges to cut and materials that define a single connected piece. After material properties are assigned to the piece, the model can be flattened. An edge shared by neighboring 3D model pieces are linked in the 2D pattern environment.

       The Flattener Environment allows the user to flatten many pieces at one. A 3D view and a 2D view is provided for each piece with simple navigation tools. Meshing and flat pattern optimization tools are provided.

       2D pattern features such as Edge Features, Notches Grain Lines and Markings are added in Pattern View

       Optimized nest files are created in Marker View. Material information is used to determine flat pattern information.

       Technical documentation is created using drawings. ExactFlat enhance the SolidWorks tools set with Edge Feature Callouts, BOM tables and 3D,2D and ensted views of the design.The drawings environment allows the user to quickly document a sewn product design using ExactFlat tools in SolidWorks.









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