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 Robot Measurement & Guidance

       Use NDI’s advanced PRO CMM system to independently verify, compensate and control a wide range of industrial robots. The PRO CMM can substantially reduce setup time, achieve significantly higher accuracy, automate scanning and measurement tasks and control flexible and jigless assembly.

       Improve your shop-floor metrology results with this portable optical tracker that provides the highest accuracy and largest measurement volume of any Optical Coordinate Measuring system in its class.
       Robot Measurement and Performance Analysis
       Measure, visualize, and analyze both static and dynamic performance of robots in accordance to ISO 9283 and ANSI/RIA 15.05. Verify accuracy, repeatability, velocity, acceleration, cornering characteristics, settling time and drift.


Robot Cell Calibration 

       Quickly identify and compensate for as-built differences between robots and robot cells eliminating the need to manually touch up off-line generated programs. Accurately measure robot specific errors, Tool Center Positions and cell related alignments.


Robot Scanning and Measurement
      Automate repetitive inspection tasks by simply mounting NDI’s handheld laser scanner to any standard robot. The robot ensures fast and convenient part coverage, while the Optical Tracker guarantees the highest level of measurement accuracy.
Robot Guidance and Control
       Use the Optical Tracker for closed loop feedback and adaptive control. Dynamically compensate for warm-up, drift, backlash and loading conditions by directly tracking end-of-arm tooling. Track multiple objects in real-time to perform complex assembly tasks.


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