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Coord3 CMM

       The PERCEPTRON COORD3 comprehensive Coordinate Measuring Machine range offer advanced measuring platforms from a budget bench-top CMM for small part inspection to some of the largest Gantry CMMs every produced and in active service throughout aerospace, defense and heavy equipment industries. COORD3 CMMs are produced from advanced alloy technology offering much enhanced performance over the heavy and slow granite structures belonging to a bygone era. CMMs can be equipped with Renishaw touch/scanning probes and Perceptron laser scanning sensors suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications.


       COORD3 range of air bearing bridge configuration CMMs are available in widths from 400mm to 2000mm offering the most comprehensive series of CMM models sizes in the market to accommodate your specific measurement requirement. COORD3 is unique offering an overlap between its large bridge and gantry configuration CMM models providing the most flexible customer solutions; the extra wide COORD3 bridge CMM can eliminate the dedicated Gantry CMM foundation and unlike competitors large measuring volume systems the COORD3 large Bridge CMMs retain open access for part loading, and are supplied with one piece granite or steel table in lengths up to 10m.

       Inspection of large components on a Coordinate Measuring Machine requires a blend of large volume measuring capability and high accuracy performance. With over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of CMM machines designed for such application COORD3 provide a wide range of Gantry style CMMs characterized by supreme mechanical design and structural stability ensuring long-term accuracy performance. COORD3 has supplied a huge percentage of the largest Gantry style CMM machines ever installed globally. COORD3 Gantry CMM models can be supplied with up to a 5000mm X axis, 3000mm Z axis and Y axis length up to 20m.

       Horizontal Arm CMMs are the ideal solution to measure thin walled components such as automotive car bodies, sheet-metal panels, vehicle doors, glass and dashboards together with the inspection of mechanical parts such as engine blocks and transmission castings, aeronautical and automotive components. COORD3 Horizontal Arm systems are modular in design and available both in single and dual arm versions and can be supplied in rail or table mount configurations. Machines can be supplied shop-hardened for applications requiring installation outside of the metrology room. The table support system is designed to minimize foundation requirements.
       Shop floor flexible metrology requires a CMM designed for the toughest manufacturing conditions. The COORD3 Flexible Intelligent Gauge shop-floor CMM is a one-piece design using CNC machine tool construction technology and without traditional air-bearings.Flexible Intelligent Gauge will perform and pace the most demanding of production gaging applications requiring no compressed air and offers a ‘plug and measure’ solution. The ergonomic control station houses CNC controller, PC and all ancillary electronics with touch screen and keyboard height individually adjustable allowing customization to suite both application and user environment.


Making CMM measurement simple incorporating a 100% Touch interface with TouchCAD quick programming module. TouchDMIS is a game changer in CMM usability offering the world’s first all TOUCH CMM software. Seamlessly integrated with both manual and DCC COORD3 Touch and Scanning Probes TouchDMIS requires just a few hours training and offers incredibility short learning curves. TouchDMIS takes the expert out of CMM measuring and programming. 




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