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HDI Advance

Precision 3D Scanning For Creating High-Density 3D Models

       The HDI Advance 3D scanner features stereo camera construction with a component-based design that gives users the flexibility to scan real-world objects and people, and rapidly create full digital 3D models. 

       Simply by changing the field-of-view (FOV) users can scan objects of different shapes and sizes and set their own scanning areas and resolution. The FOV is the observable area that the system is able to capture from a specific distance, and with the HDI Advance it can be easily adjusted by placing the smart cameras in different preset slots, or by replacing them with interchangeable camera lenses (optional accessories).


Signature Stereo Camera Construction


       The HDI Advance 3D scanner uses dual machine vision cameras for capturing high resolution and accurate 3D scans, optionally in color. The HDI Advance is available in two performance models: the R1x (1.3 megapixel) and R3x (2.8 megapixel). The HDI Advance 3D scanner R3x model scans at up to 45 microns accuracy and generates up to 2.6 million points. The smart cameras in both models use standard USB 3.0 for speed.

       ●0.88 seconds per scan, with full field scanning

       ●Resolution: Up to 2.6 million points (5.2 million polygons)

       ●Accuracy: Up to 45 microns (0.0018")



Highly Adaptable Solution

       As your 3D scanning and 3D inspection needs change over time, you can easily upgrade the scanner's hardware components (cameras/lenses) to improve scanning performance. The HDI Advance can adapt to a wide variety of scanning scenarios without the purchase of an entirely new system –– saving you money and effort in the long run.




HDI Advance R1x

HDI Advance R3x



A pair of 1.3 megapixel monochrome

USB 3.0 cameras with 12mm lenses

A pair of 2.8 megapixel monochrome

USB 3.0 cameras with 12mm lenses

Scanning Software



Scan Speed

1.3 seconds per scan

0.88 seconds per scan

Field of View



Adjustable field of view to scan objects

of different shapes and sizes

Preset:165mm,310mm,455mm diagonal

Adjustable field of view to scan objects

of different shapes and sizes

Preset:200mm,400mm,600mm diagonal 


Average Points


Average Polygons


point Distance




1.1 million per scan


2.2 million per scan


165mm diagonal field of view:0.1mm

310mm diagonal field of view:0.2mm

455mm diagonal field of view:0.3mm


2.6 million per scan


5.2 million per scan


200mm diagonal field of view:0.075mm

400mm diagonal field of view:0.165mm

600mm diagonal field of view:0.250mm





165mm diagonal field of view:65um

310mm diagonal field of view:115um

455mm diagonal field of view:125um


200mm diagonal field of view:45um(0.0018″)

400mm diagonal field of view:75um(0.0030″)

600mm diagonal field of view:105um(0.0041″)




165mm diagonal field of view:370mm

310mm diagonal field of view:690mm

455mm diagonal field of view:1040mm

200mm diagonal field of view:370mm

400mm diagonal field of view:690mm

600mm diagonal field of view:1040mm

Ceometry  Formats


Color Texture

upgradeable to color


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